Upvc pipes slide 9
Can be used as column / raiser pipes
High pressure pipe line systems
Weight Carrying Capacity:
Standard Gauge
Heavy Gauge

  • The best alternative for G.I. Pipes and cost effective.
  • Special care is taken while fixing couplers with pipes to avoid column slippage.
  • Specially designed square threads are capable of withstanding heavy load and are corrosion free.
  • PBTS locking system which enhances reliability
  • Special rubber seal is provided at the end of threads to ensure 100% leak proof even at high pressure.
  • A special rubber(EPDM – high strand) ring is provided in the coupling between the 2 pipes to absorb the vibration caused due to high pressure.
  • Internal surface of these pipes are very smooth, resulting in very low head loss due to friction and increases water discharge upto maximum of 30%, compared with traditional G.I. pipes thereby saving power.
  • Because of this light weight characteristic & special square thread design these pipes can be tightened easily by hand and no need of pipe wrench.
  • uPVC column pipes are resistant to chemical reactions when used in acidic or alkaline waters assuring long life.
  • Can handle water with maximum temperature upto 45 C.
  • These pipes come in 3metre standard length and are of light weight ensuring easy handling and storage.
  • Can be used in sun light because of it UV stability.