Upon satisfactory construction of Borehole Development, we shall use an electric submersible pump with fully functioning non-return valve in the pump itself. We shall then proceed with expeditious test pumping operations as shall be instructed by the consulting hydro geologist.  This will have been specified and designed to test aquifer parameters such as hydraulic conductivities, transmissibility and storability from which design yield will be determined.

The test pump will consist of step draw down and constant drawdown test as per the instruction of supervisor.

We shall provide un-interruptible power generating set to efficiently run the pump set

Discharge measurement during constant drawdown test shall be done using a volumetric method of 20 litres, 50 litres or 200 litres depending with the yield of he borehole and the drum set horizontally on the ground.  Time measurement shall be recorded by means of a stopwatch.

During testing, we shall monitor water level using electric sounding or lighting dipper.  The deeper, we shall go in through a 1” piezometre tube installed alongside the test pumping rising main secured by insulation tape or cable clip.